Authorized Stick sites at

I'd like to thank Manny Tau for expanding his dedicated Stick Websites into a rich resource for Stick players and enthusiasts over this past year. His sites at and offer up an entertaining collection of unusual, offbeat and colorful Stick photos, graphics, stories and other contributions from Stick players world wide - a nice compliment and alternative to our own SE site here at

Manny's original animated graphics add a lot to his two sites's distinctive design and presentation. His "Gallery" is an expanding page of interesting and bizarre Stick player photos. His "Stick" photo page is full of instruments I've built from early to recent productions, including some customized Stick "mutants". There's an extensive FAQ with broad coverage, also a Bulletin Board. Then there's Don's "Musings", a collection of his more uproarious posts. and are now hosted on Manny's private webserver, adding a flexible dimension to his graphics intensive sites.

If you have a creative graphic, a colorful story, an amazing photo, or anything Stick or Stickist related to add to his authorized Stick and NS/Stick sites, I hope you'll submit it to Manny ( While you're at it, our SE Website's "Artists" page could also use some more shots of Stickists in performance.

Best to All, Emmett.

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