Video is a great medium for The Stick. Seeing all of the elements of Emmett's Free Hands method - melody, bass, chords, counterpoint - all come together in live performance is the best way to understand it. We hope you enjoy these performances. Check back often for new footage, and don't forget the offsite video links below. There are many excellent performers with video content on their own websites.

We also now have a channel on youtube devoted exclusively to Stick player videos:

Stick Videos on YouTube (most recent posted first). For videos posted prior to 2014 see: Pre 2014 Youtube Videos

"Finding Home" - Greg Howard, 2015

Giants Among Us" - Dean Pascarella, 2015

"Tony Levin Solo Performance" - Tony Levin, 2015

"100 Theorem " - Naive Crinminals, 2015

"In the Shadows" (5.15.15, Bajo Circuito, Mexico City) - Elsiane, 2015

"Triptyque 1" - Bruno Pitch, 2015

"Aural Hues" - Bob Culbertson, 2015

"Independence" - Pascal Glanville, 2015

"Autumn Air" - Flint Blade and Honeydew, 2015

J.S. Bach, "Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major" - Greg Howard, 2015

"Gocxilla" - Cabezas de Cera + Bernier/DeCarlo, 2015

"At Days End" - Russell Keating, 2015

"Regenerate" - Rocket Scientists, 2015

"Voices in my Head" - Kevin Keith, 2015

"Tumbling Pardise" - Luke Gray, 2015

"Tick Tock" - Bright Brown, 2015

"Marin County" - Kevin Keith, 2015

"Amazing Grace" - Greg Howard, 2015

"Take Me Down" - Nime Collective, 2015

"Lucid" by Mike Mineo - played by Flint Blade, 2015

"Color Of Space" - Bob Culbertson, 2015

"Splinter" - GEPH (feat. Josh Goldberg and John Tyler Kent), 2015

"Waltz in A Minor" (Chopin) - played by Claire Steger. 2014

"Great Gig in the Sky" (Pink Floyd), Patricio Benadó n Oks. 2014

"Hocus Pocus" by Focus - played by Bob Culbertson. 2014

PBS affiliate Interview with Greg Howard. 2014

"Little Red Bicycle" - Bob Culbertson. 2014

"Only Human", Brian's Thing with Kevin Keith. 2014

"Bach Invention No. 1" - Eric Knapp. 2014

"Creación de las Aves", Collage Lab. 2014

"Badinerie" J.S.BACH - André Pelat. 2014

"Walking the Line - single string soloing on the Chapman Stick", Greg Howard. 2014

"Traveler on the Supernatural" (Rocket Scientists - featuring Don Schiff). 2014

Chasing "Autumn Leaves" (a samba), Greg Howard. 2014

"Henry the Seal", Per Boysen on SG12. 2014

"Stick-Tet Power Trio", Steve Adelson. 2014

"Across the Universe" (Beatles) by Bob Culbertson. 2014

"Across the Universe" (Beatles), Greg Howard. 2014

"Blue Ridge" on the Railboard by Greg Howard. 2014

"Here Comes the Sun" (Beatles), Bob Culbertson. 2014

"Concerto pour Stick Chapman" by André Pelat. 2014

"Winter" theme from the Four Season (Vivaldi), Greg Howard. 2014

"Bourrée in E minor" (J.S.Bach), Greg Howard. 2014

"Across the Beatles" (Beatles) - Olivier Chabasse. 2013

Check back for more links in the future.

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