Nathen Aswell
Singer, composer, recording artist, Stickist and inspirational speaker based in Vancouver, Canada

feature and interview by Greg Howard


Placeholder image"Why not just play a guitar, or a piano?", is a question you might ask Nathen Aswell. The Canadian singer tried them out, and then settled on the bass, for a while.  I met Nathen in 1996, at the very first Stick seminar I was invited to teach, in Orange County, California.  At the time, I never imagined how the phenomenon of Stick players getting together would grow into a global phenomenon, nor did I imagine how many twists and turns lay in the road ahead for this young musician, looking for a "way in" to the instrument which Tony Levin, like so many others, had inspired him to try. 

It would take a couple of decades, and several years with the NS/Stick before Nathen finally found the perfect instrumental accompaniment for his broad-ranged, dynamic, soulful voice and singing style— a bamboo Grand Stick, with the ACTV-2 EMG pickup module, tuned to Deep Matched Reciprocal with a high bass 4th (all important details). While he works on his third album of original songs, Nathen has embraced the opportunities to reach a larger audience virtually, through regular live Facebook performances and remote broadcasts to churches in the US and Canada. He's also dreaming about a deep red Grand Railboard. The search is never really over, it seems. We talked recently via Facetime.


Nathen's December 2, 2020 Morning Musings a regular Wednesday live stream on his Facebook page

Nathen on a Steinberger fretless bass, back in his Montreal days

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Nathen's take on "Hallelujah", by Leonard Cohen


"Yes" (2013)

Twelve original songs with Nathen on vocals and NS/Stick, backed by Phil Robertson (drums, percussion), Andreas Schuld (guitar solos on “I Love You" and "Jump Right In”), Russell Marsland (guitar solo on “The Making Of A Soul”), Thomas Arntzen (keyboard on “The Faith Of God”).

Nathen picks up his new NS/Stick at Stick Enterprises,
with Emmett, Don Schiff and Gary Jibilian, August, 2011

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