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Cabezas de Cera (Wax Heads)

CDC Live USA 2010, DVD and CD $25.

Mauricio Sotelo - Chapman Stick, 12-string acoustic guitar, Charrófono, Jarana Prisma and Tricordio.
Ramsés Luna - Alto and soprano saxophones, wind-controlled synthesizer, flute, voice
Francisco Sotelo - Acoustic and alectronic drums and percussion

Enjoy Cabezas de Cera's performance at the 2009 NEARFest Progressive Rock Festival in its entirety, as a DVD or CD with this double disc set. The band's unique compositions evoke a mysterious, energetic and beautiful alien world, with the subtlest reflections of their Mexican musical heritage. Exploding out of mellow ambience into high-energy free-form jams and complex composed pieces, the pace of this set is intense, and an hour has passed before you know it.

All three players are expert multi-instrumentalists, with Mauricio Sotelo focusing on unusual stringed instruments, include some unique metal creations of his brother, drummer Francisco "Paco" Sotelo. His Stick work is decidedly "unified" with both hands playing the whole instrument "in concert". Paco commands time and space with his hard fusion drumming and more sedate pitched percussion soundbeds. Luna is the "voz" of the "cabeza", keening and wailing with his saxes, lead synth, and his own clear and cutting tenor voice. He may be the most "natural" wind-synth player around, breathing real life into his electronics.

Fans of the band will recognize some pieces from earlier CDs and their previous concert DVD En Directo. This is a more connected CDC, a bit more free-flowing, a bit more adventurous (though that may be hard to imagine), and they are having a ball. The crowd ate it up. You will too.


1. Indomable
2. Peregrino
3. Laberinto
4. Pretexto a un Texto Fragmentado
5. Mutación
6. Nocturno Incandescente
7. Cazador de Ballenas
8. Parkour
9. Gocxilla

Liner notes in Spanish. All tracks by CDC.

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