Michael Kollwitz "Live in Concert" 2006 DVD

2006 DVD $25
80-minutes 20 tracks

Michael recorded this live concert in July of 2006. Sit back and enjoy this 80-minute concert, as he plays solo Grand Stick and Alto Stick. A very entertaining, funfilled, and soulful performance.

1. Waterfallin 2. Yesterday
3. Little Wing
4. Summertime
5. Moments
6. Española
7. Europa
8. Memories
9. Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair, Nights in White Satin
10. Parisian Bistro
11. California Dreamin'
12. Somewhere over the Rainbow
13. Tradewinds
14. Steppin' Out
15. Black Orpheus
16. Here Comes Spring
17. Summer Evening
18. Severe Tire Damage
19. Samba Pa Ti
20. Happy Trails

Note: this DVD is not divided into Chapters.

Online Quicktime DVD Preview

"Steppin' Out"
by Micheal Kollwitz
excerpt from his 2006
Live in Concert, DVD

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