Emmett Chapman "Soundboard TV, 1983" DVD

Hosted by John Schneider
Mastered 2006 by Sal Guitarez, NTSC DVD $10
half-hour TV program co-produced by John and Sal

An inspiring look back into Emmett's past, this solo performance DVD from March of 1983 showcases his improvising and arranging chops, unique harmonic concepts and great diversity of playing techniques in fully realized form. This half-hour TV program includes a bluesy version of the traditional "Waltzing Matilda," a Coltrane-inspired "Greensleeves," John McLaughlin's "A Lotus on Irish Streams" and Emmett's own "Backyard", with some truly explosive bass motors and fiery right-hand soloing. Emmett completely engages the instrument with each hand - including left-hand chords across both sets of strings and right- hand thumb techniques on the bass strings.

This is the most complete early video performance of Emmett in action, and it's easy to see what all the excitement was about. Host John Schneider puts it all in context, setting the stage on classical guitar, and then interviewing Emmett about his music, background, tuning, instrument and technique, and how The Stick compares to and evolved from guitar.

Fans of Emmett's Parallel Galaxy will enjoy hearing some of those songs in a different context, just a couple of years before those recording sessions.

His liner notes, written in 2006, take a look back at how he employed his Offset Modal Theory, his new invention of the Patch of Shades, and also about his ongoing interest in integrating the touchboard with synthesizers. Soundboard TV producers Sal Guitarez and John Schneider have begun mastering their original studio video tapes for DVD and are planning on releasing their whole series of shows in the coming months.

YouTube excerpt from the DVD