Deep Baritone Melody™

This tuning is more properly called Deep Baritone Melody™/standard bass. The melody side is a whole step lower than the Baritone Melody™ tuning, a 4th lower than the Matched Reciprocal™ tuning, and a 5th lower than the 10-String Classic™ Stick tuning. This is a powerful "rhythm tuning" allowing easy access to low and midrange notes in the lower frets of the melody strings.

  1. G
  2. D down a 4th
  3. A down a 4th
  4. E down a 4th
  5. B down a 4th
  1. C
  2. G up a 5th
  3. D up a 5th
  4. A up a 5th
  5. E up a 5th

Range of tuning:

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