Dual Bass Reciprocalâ„¢

This tuning combines a standard bass 4ths arrangement with a Stick (inverted bass 5ths) tuning to provide myriad ways to fill the bass player's role. A 6-string bass tuning covers the first 6 strings, overlapping onto the 5-string inverted 5ths Stick tuning. Conceptually, it's a set of 11 strings using only ten, with both sets sharing the common low B.

For more about this tuning including videos, please see: Dual Bass Reciprocal Article

  1. C
  2. G down a 4th
  3. D down a 4th
  4. A down a 4th
  5. E (4-string bass low E) down a 4th
  1. B (5-string bass low B)
  2. F# up a 5th
  3. C# up a 5th
  4. G# up a 5th
  5. D# up a 5th

Range of tuning:

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