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Disc 1 Topics (beginner to intermediate)
  • Basic Techniques
  • Three Chords
  • Major and Minor Chords
  • Add Rhythm
  • Bass Line and Independence
  • Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • Blues
  • Arpeggios
  • Bass Scale
  • Right Hand Chords
  • Left Hand Chords
  • Scale Patterns
  • Blues Progression
  • Lead Blues Parts

    Disc 2 Topics (intermediate to advanced)
  • Chord Combinations
  • Soloing
  • Two Hand Independence
  • Bass Techniques
  • Two Hand Arpeggios
  • Left Hand Thumb
  • Right Hand Thumb
  • Chord Matching
  • Unison
  • Right Hand Chord Tricks
  • Chord Combinations II
  • Two-Handed Chord Techniques
  • Slapping, Rhythms and Split Chords
  • Right Hand Articulations
  • Polyrhythms
  • Advanced Left Hand Techniques I
  • Advanced Left Hand Techniques II
  • Effects

  • by Bob Culbertson, Newly remastered for DVD in 2008. $30 each volume.

    Known as a teacher, a performer and a recording artist, Bob produced a set of three videos that contain information for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students respectively. Bob's clear visual presentation makes the tapes a great way to improve your playing quickly. Those three videos have been digitally mastered and are now available on two DVDs.

    The difficulty level ranges from raw beginner to advanced, and each disc includes approximately an hour and 45 minutes of lessons with Bob. The DVD format allows players to easily repeat a lesson or jump to any topic on the disc. Most lessons end with a demonstration of the techniques performed by Bob and drummer Joe Hodge.

      "It's all about freeing your hands. Greg's new DVD carries my Free Hands discovery to a level of intimacy and focus that a book simply can't convey. Learning his physical hand-movement based approach will add versatility, flexibility and sonic power to your two-handed tapping."
      —Emmett Chapman

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