28 September '18 - Dustin Hinds (CO), to Emmett:
      I played two gigs with the N/S and hadn't had it two weeks yet. If you hadn't been kind enough to allow my wife and I to visit the shop and play Gary's N/S Stick, I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to take the plunge. It was so reasonably priced that I'll be able to recover most all of my money by selling (my bass guitar).
      You guys have customer service down as well. Cambria was helpful and informative through the whole process, and it is incredibly kind for you to send me the string at no cost. Thank you for your service, your product, and ultimately your invention. I said to you when I left your shop I intended to be a steward of this instrument and I believe that has already begun. Two people at the open jam I played last night already knew what it was! Everyone wants to jam with "the guy on The Stick".

13 August '17 - Topi Aarnio (Finland), to stickist.com forum:
      I received my NS/Stick 3 weeks ago and played my first gig with it yesterday. What a wonderful instrument! Even though I played it mostly as a 5-string bass, I did get to make some forays onto the higher strings, even a bit of very simple two-handed tapping. What an experience! The NS was such a joy to play and I even ventured to new ground spontaneously during the gig.
      Thanks to Emmett and crew and lots of thanks to all you on this forum. Reading about your experiences and tips has really helped me out in starting my new musical path.

15 April '17 - Bill Noble (OH), to Emmett:
      Just wanted to let you know, I purchased a used NS/Stick and I'm loving it, #121012. Strings are medium/heavy gauge. The body is wenge and the neck dark bamboo. This instrument allows me to play right out of the case and think "Stick" even though I don't play your bodiless model. Every bassist should own one.

24 April '14 - Zach Constant (Colorado), to Stick Enterprises:
      I received my NS/Stick yesterday and wanted to be sure to personally thank you, Emmett and Gary for the fantastic work that was done. This is by far the finest instrument I have ever played and I could not be happier with the way it sounds, looks and feels. I am very excited by the musical potential that this design encourages.

7 March '13 - Michael Erdmier (Illinois), to Stick Enterprises:
      My NS/Stick was delivered yesterday and I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all your help with this! She was packaged very well, arrived without incident and was even perfectly setup and in tune, even with the cold weather here!
      Never having had the opportunity to even see any Stick model in person before this purchase, I was excited and a little nervous to play her for the first time. I don't believe I've ever played an instrument as high in quality as this NS/Stick. The adjustability, the build quality, the feel of the instrument in your hands...It's just amazing!
      Such a wide array of tones is available with very little change in playing style, this really does make me sound like a better bass player than I am. It will be a while before full two-handed tapping in both registers becomes natural, but even just played as a bass or with two-handed bass tapping, this is an amazing instrument!
      Anyway, I need to go play some more. Thank you, thank you for everything. You guys are amazing!

27 December '12 - Jeff Wolinski (Virginia), to Stick Enterprises:
      I got my NS/Stick last week and cannot believe it took me this long to write and thank you for inventing (with Ned) and building such an amazing instrument! Wow! It's a bit intimidating at first, and the neck is quite wide (I don't have the biggest hands or longest fingers!) but the tones are just amazing all across the fretboard! It arrived perfectly set up and absolutely perfectly in tune - couldn't believe the tuning after a trip in a cardboard box from California with the cold weather here. I took it out to a big musicians get together over the weekend and everyone was fascinated by it.

30 November '11 - Oliver Baumann (Germany), to Stick Enterprises:
      I received the white NS/Stick today and I must say it is gorgeous and really different from my "old" one. The bamboo neck with its beveled edges and Rails are fantastic. I thought I had low action on my old NS/Stick but on this one it is really super low! Now I'll have to lower my other one.

28 November '11 - Tom Ulrich (Switzerland), to Stick Enterprises:
      My new NS/Stick arrived in Switzerland two weeks ago. I'm very happy with this instrument, it has a great sound and looks beautiful! I can use it like a normal bass and guitar and like a Stick. I think the price for such a beautiful Instrument with this great sound is very low! I'm not using my 6 string bass any more.
      It's ideal for playing separate bass lines and melodies, Stick style. To play more complicated chords I still use my old ten string Stick from 1985, which has also a great sound.
      Your collaboration with Ned Steinberger produced the result I've been waiting for, my ideal instrument to play all the techniques I learned on bass, Stick and guitar.

19 October '11 - John (JRJ) Johnson (California), to Stick Enterprises:
      Hi Cambria, yes the NS/Stick arrived as if by magic today. Suddenly a box was there. No barking dogs, no truck sounds, not even a puff of smoke... A beautiful instrument for sure and it plays like a dream. Very clean and precise but responsive and groovy. So much new fretboard to explore.

24 August 11 - David Segal (New York), to Stick Enterprises:
      I refretted the instrument with the 6100/.110 size fret wire after re-leveling the board (didn't need much). Level, crown, and polish was much easier than traditional guitars and basses due to the flat surface. After final setup and testing I had a lot of fun playing it. My customer is going to be very happy. The adjustable threaded bridge pieces and the corresponding ones at the nut area made adjustment very easy.
      This was my first time at working on a Stick. I have worked on many instruments from simple set-ups, to complete restorations. I enjoy repair work as much as I do building my line of custom bass guitars. With every different instrument that I have worked over the last 34 years on I learn something new. There is always "something I would do" and "something I would not do" design or construction wise. With your instrument everything was intelligently designed and I could not think of a better way to do it. You made my job relatively easy.

Best always,
David Segal

24 Mar '11 - Ryan Tassone (Rhode Island), to Stickist.com:
     Bass in fifths, melody in fourths with a guitar major third interval. I'm calling it "Ryan's 5/4/3 Tuning".
     Everything about this instrument is gorgeous and precise. The fret rails are like the ends of a tightrope. They just grab the strings and give me amazing leeway with intonation. Ned Steinberger really outdid himself with his enhancements to Emmett's design. The damper is ingenious, and the curved lapbar is perfect for seated playing....it almost doesn't need a strap.
     The pickups sound very clear and articulate. Plenty of midrange, which is what I prefer. On the melody side, the pickup covers are actually sanded down a bit to allow the strings to almost touch them, and the result is a very even-sounding distribution of volume. Even in mono mode there are separate volume controls for each side, which can be tweaked extensively.
     Originally I was thinking of running it through my VG-99, which has two parallel signal paths, ideal for a stereo instrument. Now I think this beast deserves its own rig, and a serious case of G.A.S. has befallen me!
     So, thank you Emmett, Cambria and everybody else at Stick Enterprises for this lovely piece of art and craft.

31 Jan '11 - Phil Newbold (Kentucky), to Stick Enterprises:
     Hey Cambria, I got the NS/Stick yesterday. I cannot believe how good it felt, the sound and the versatility of the NS/Stick. It took about a half hour to start getting used to the feel, but once I did, I must have played for 3 hours straight. The idea of being able to keep going to a higher and higher range was great. I loved the sound which could go from smooth and mello to sharp and crisp with the adjustment of the tone controls. I know I am talking to the choir, but it sure is a lot of fun to have such a versatile instrument. I am still working on using both hands independently, but the NS/Stick will give me the time to do just that. I can play what I already know for now, while I take the time to learn new things on it. Tell everyone I said thanks, I love it. Phil

17 Jun '10 - Otavio Pascarelli (Florida), to Stick Enterprises:
     Dear Cambria, I got my NS/Stick yesterday - thank you! The instrument is simply outstanding. It feels better than what I expected. The sound is robust and solid, and at the same time, the high strings give it a very unique guitar-like sound. I played it with no effects, and then with distortion on high strings, and to my surprise it sounded like a guitar! I was really surprised and impressed. I will approach this instrument as literally a combination of bass and guitar - the tapping will come later. I changed the tuning a little bit in order to learn "For the Love of God" as played by Steve Vai. We'll see how far I can get...

1 Aug '09 - Joshua Cohen (Toronto, Canada), to Stick Enterprises:
     I consider myself a bass player because I love the tone and feel of the instrument, but I've always felt limited by what is possible on bass and I would find myself playing piano for hours on end. I could play chords, melody and bass lines on the piano all by myself which I could not do on the bass. With the NS/Stick I no longer have to go to the piano when I want to hear a fuller sound, and it's possible with the proper technique and coordination to do it all on Stick. I finally feel that I can do everything I need to do all on one instrument. If I'm in a situation where all I should be doing is grooving tower of power 16th note bass lines, I can still do this on the NS/Stick and it sounds great. I have all the advantages of a tapping instrument without sacrificing the use of slapping, plucking or strumming.
     I'm not saying that it will replace my Ken Smith bass, but the NS/Stick is definitely stealing at least 50% of the playing time that used to be devoted to my Ken Smith and maybe even more as I progress and become more comfortable with this instrument. Thank you to everyone at Stick Enterprises.

9 April 09 - Mathieu Gosselin (Quebec), to Stick Enterprises:
     This NS/Stick plays like a dream, and the only bad thing about this instrument is that my regular basses will be set aside! (I can even play acoustic guitar with the MIDI pickup through the VG-99!!!!!!!!!) More news coming soon from the happiest NS/Stick and Stick player on the planet!

20 November 08 - Kent Rytting (Utah), to Stickwire:
     First of all, let me say I love this instrument. My bandmates and I love the way this fits into the mix of our songs, the bass frequencies are incredible.

04 November 08 - 88pursuader (NH), to Stickist.com:
     I have a long portfolio of original music written and recorded by me in my home studio. (digital home recording equipment is awesome!) I started re-recording original tunes I multi-tracked a few year back to add Stick, NS Stick and in some cases Roland V-Drums to replace the acoustic drum tracks I did. (Sometimes getting a well recorded acoustic drum sound can be a challenge) I'm really surprised how good the bass parts originally done with electric bass guitar sound being replace with NS Stick and Stick. I haven't replace ALL the bass parts because some i'm very happy with however the ones that have been replaced sound wonderful. Funny thing is ... they really don't sound like STICK ... they just sound good. Even the bass played on my Grand Stick sound like Bass ... not STICK bass.

19 July 08 - Neil Bettencourt (USA), to Stick Enterprises:
     I am totally in love with the fretless. I have been playing since 10:30 this morning, and have not been able to stop. The tone is unbelievable. Thanks so much.
     PS. the VG-99 is amazing. I'm tracking perfectly, and there are some fantastic tones in it. What a way to be spending a sunday!!

24 June 08 - Darrell Havard (USA), to Stickist.com:
I can't get over how fun the NS is to just sit down and play! You can tap it, slap it, strum it, pick it.....

12 June 08 - Nathen Aswell (Vancouver, Canada), to Stick Enterprises:
     On Wed and Thurs nights, I had the good fortune of playing my new NS live. WOW. I absolutely love the feel of the graphite neck, the evenness of its response in all registers, and the instrument's BIG sound. (A definite highlight was seeing the warm smiles on the faces of my band mates when I played the first note on the B string...!) I'm completely inspired by this amazing instrument, and am very excited about the music that will flow from me and into it. BIG thanks to you, Emmett, for creating it and lovingly setting it up for me, and BIG thanks to you, my dear Don, for helping me choose THE perfect NS for me. I'm a very happy man. :-)
     With much love and gratitude for the both of you, Nathen

     P.S. My wife Sheila thinks that the finish of my NS is sexy! ;-)

14 March 08 - Ray Levigne (New Hampshire), to Stickwire:
Friends ... I got my new NS Stick!!! It's beautiful ... perfect!!! I didn't want to say anything until it arrived. And it's HERE ... walnut wood, eboney stain ... a thing of beauty. And, I intend to use it on my gig tonight!! I'll post more about it later. Right now i have to practice!

02 Jan 08 - Bill Halverstein (USA), to Stickist.com:

The NS just works as I don't have to dig in as hard on the strings and the runs seem to flow better because of the great action.

19 Dec 07 - Kelly Magee (USA), to Stick Enterprises:

I can't believe that any bass player would even consider a regular bass over the NS/Stick. Why get in a wrestling match with your instrument??? With the NS/Stick, I play with effortless power, instead of powerless effort.

08 Dec 07 - Bill Halverstein (USA), to