Stick Night Live DVD

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Stick Night Live (double DVD with Stick Night '99) 2DVDs $18, Stick Night Live DVD only, $12.

Hosted by Diana Lang, a Chapdoc Production

Performers (in order of appearance):

String Planet - "Big Pig Jig", "The Love for Three Oranges", "Carnival of the Animals"
Kevin Keith - "Avenida Atlantica", "I Believe (Turn it all Around")
Jibilian/Setar - "Body Clock". "The Disappearing One", "Galaxy Rodeo"
Agent 22 - "Step To", "All Along the Watchtower"
Oceans in Space - "Levitation"
Emmett Chapman - "My Heart Will Go On", "A Face in the Door, Ajar"
Bob Culbertson - "Eleanore Bayou Blues"
Steve Adelson - "Minor Swing"
Hettory - "Meditación"

Filmed at three different Stick Night Concerts around Los Angeles from late 2008 to 2009, this DVD presents a wide variety of styles and genres, everything from progressive rock, traditional and contemporary jazz, free improvisation, and blues, to classical music.

Produced and Directed by Dan Chapman, audio mixed and mastered by Greg Howard.

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