Bob Culbertson

Un Viaje Clasico 2003 DVD $20.

With the release of Un Viaje Clasico, Stick veteran Bob Culbertson brings us music on a brand new instrument using a relatively new medium.

Un Viaje Clasico is a full length performance DVD where Bob performs his music in "virtual worlds". Right from the first hit on the "play" selection, the other-wordly scenery kicks in along with the music of "Bouree". As you travel through this virtual world, you come to rest facing a stage where Bob sits with the AcouStick and launches into the familiar "Malaguena". Each selection on the disk is accompanied visually by stages and backdrops created by Bob using computer animation.

Of course, the real meat of this disk is the music and performance. Included in the song selection are several Culbertson favorites like "The Captain's Daughter", "Funeral For A Friend", "Fur Elise" and "Recuerdos De La Alhambra" just to name a few.

As the back of the package states, Bob's selections take you on a journey of classical, contemporary and spanish sounds. Each piece is performed on either Bob's familiar maple Grand Stick or his new AcouStick. On "The Captains Daughter", Bob even layers the two instruments on top of one another creating doubly rich arrangement.

But what is a DVD without special features, right? Along with the performance, the disk also includes interviews with and discussions about the Stick, the AcouStick, how the animations were created, and how the music and effects were recorded.

With Un Viaje Clasico, Culbertson has stepped into the future with a world class performance on a medium that has already proved ideal for delivering musical performances to your screen.